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About our game

Commander, the troops are awaiting your command!
World Warfare is 3D RTS World War II themed game, where you command naval, land and air units into battle. As the commander, you oversee all operations of a military base. Construct your city, expand your territory, train troops and develop technology.
Enjoy real-time battles focused on strategy, not on how fast you can click. Show off your strategic prowess by building an army and expanding your base to conquer those who oppose you. Go it alone or for an alliance and square off against thousands of players from around the world.


Joycrafter was founded in October 2014. Our focus is on war-themed strategy mobile games, committed to making the most innovative and fun mobile games. Our first game, “World Warfare” is out now!
When we were originally designing World Warfare we decided one of our core goals was innovation. We wanted this to be a next generation mobile game that both experienced and new players alike were genuinely delighted to play. In order to achieve our goal, we started from scratch and challenged ourselves to break out of any pre-conceived notions of what a mobile game should be. Through a difficult process of idea iteration, we took our years of experience in development and listening to players to break the mold and come up with a truly unique experience. We hope you will try World Warfare and enjoy the game!
Contact us:info@joycrafter.com

In a dynamic battlefield,

You will change everything!